How to light up your hedge 

We offer 2 simples way to highlight your hedge or green wall.

Lighting Design Idea for Courtyard with Covered Walkway

From the image above, we can divide this courtyard into 2 parts.  1. The garden in the center which has a featured tree. 2. The covered walkway around the courtyard.

How to illuminate the circular dome

1.Spotlights to highlight the lower part which is decorative moulding. 2.LED Linear light to illuminate the dome

How to position adjustable downlight for the artwork.

We need to know the ceiling height and size of the artwork.

Backlighting Screen Wall

How to backlight the screen, so the pattern will be seen in silhouette. Normally, we suggest 3 ways.

Lighting Idea for Outdoor Long Staircase

The sample is a long narrow staircase with decorative walls on both sides.

Lighting for the objects in the shelf

To avoid glare, we suggest to do uplight for the shelf above the eye level and downlight for the shelf below the eye level. 

Pre-function area glowing ceiling Lighting Detail

Project - JW Marriott Jeju Island, Korea

Curtain Cove Lighting Details 

Curtain cove lighting with LED strip light and track mounted spotlights.

Lighting for Staircase

Lighting for stairs is very important in term of safety. We suggest 2 simple options of Lighting Design.


1. Cove light to wash the vertical walls  2. Standard cove light 

Lantern at Pool Deck

Pool Deck Lantern designed by DAZZLE Lighting Design

Front & Back Lighting The Screen 

Using LED Linear Light.

Lighting Idea for Outdoor Stair

Lighting idea for swimming pool

Three simple components of pool light.

Infinity Lighting effect

Clear tempered glass with reflective film, LED, and Mirror.

Bar Lighting

How to light The Dining Table in the Glasshouse. 

 Floating Headboard with Lighting

Night Light under the Bed

Standing Lamp designed by DAZZLE Lighting Design

Bottles Island Lighting Detail


ceiling uplight detail

Wall lighting Details

Color Temperature of Light

Hedge Wall Lighting Effect 

Art of Refraction of Light

Visual Perception VS Corrugated Glass

Make Up Mirror Lighting Detail

Color Temperature with Plants

Warm white light enhances red color of the plant Cool white light enhances green color of the plant. 

Wall Backlight Detail 

One of the best ways to highlight the patterned screen is backlighting The pattern will be seen in silhouette. 

Walk-in Closet Lighting Detail

Lighting Idea to illuminate Display Shelf

Vanity Mirror Lights

Mirror light can reduce shadow and reveal the face detail when using the vanity mirror. 

Lighting detail for the display cabinet

Dichroic Glass Filter & LIGHT

Reflection & Refraction of LIGHT

Lighting Detail for Display Cabinet – Up Light & Down Light

Lanterns at the stair

Simple Ideas for Meeting Room Lighting Design 

Pendant light above the meeting table to provide ambient light and task light to the meeting table.

Railing with light

Circular Staircase Lighting Design 

Lighting to provide safety for each step and make the stair as a focal point of the space.

Improvement of landscape lighting

We have done an improvement of landscape lighting for inner courtyard of Anantara Siam, Bangkok.

Lighting with fence and wall

How light to be incorporated with fence to provide safety and create sense of boundary during the night. 

Reflectance of the material 

How the reflectance of the material inside shelf has the effect on the object and our visual perception. 

Wall light in the garden designed by DAZZLE Lighting Design

Decorative lights in the garden can expose the plant detail better than using the ground spiked spotlight.

DOWNLIGHT selection

DAZZLE’s Tips to select downlight. Recessed downlight is one of the most common ways to illuminate your modern home.


When you have gallery corridor, accent lighting is necessary to guide the view of the visitor onto the objects.


Cove lighting is one of the basic lighting techniques to provides overall diffuse illumination to the space. 


Wall niche lighting in the garden is one of the efficient ways to make the wall more interesting during the day & night.