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  • When you have gallery corridor, accent lighting is necessary to guide the view of the visitor onto the objects. One of the most effective ways to provide accent lighting is track lighting because it is highly flexible. Spotlights can be easily be moved, changed, added. 
  • The best angle of light fixture to prevent reflected glare caused by shiny surfaces and to display the artwork without strong shadow is 30 degree (1) from the vertical plane and should not be greater than 45 degree (2).

1) Angle of incident light = 30 degree

2) Angle of incident light > 45 degree

  • It can cause direct glare or reflected glare from the glass-protected or shiny surface of the artwork to the eyes of the viewers.
  • Viewers cast shadows on the artwork which need to be avoided. 

In narrow corridor with high ceiling (4 meter),

a) If the artwork is placed in the middle part of the wall, we recommend to lower the track lighting system in order to

  • facilitate maintenance
  • avoid direct glare

b) “b” is good in case the artworks are placed on the entire wall as shown in the elevation.

To lower track lighting system, we suggest 2 ways (a).

1. Track can be suspended from the ceiling (pendant track). 

2. Track can be incorporated into the decorative light as shown above. 

This is an example how we incorporated track lighting system into the pendant light to illuminate the gallery corridor and highlight the artwork with 30 degree. 

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