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Cove lighting is one of the basic lighting techniques to provides overall diffuse illumination to the space. 

Primary purposes of cove lighting. 

  • Used as general lighting. 
  • Used for aesthetic accent, for example, to highlight decorative ceiling or wall details, emphasize shape of the ceiling cove.

1. Typical cove light (Indirect Lighting)
This cove light can be used as primary lighting to the room.

2. Cove light to create “Floating Ceiling” (Indirect Lighting) 

3. Cove light to wash the wall / curtain (Indirect Lighting) 

This detail can also be used to provide soft light to wash the curtain. 


  • To achieve better reflection of light, we can do curve inside (See picture….)
  • To make the cove ceiling slim and modern, we can cut the corner at 25 degree (See picture…..)