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Lighting Design Idea for Courtyard with Covered Walkway

From the image above, we can divide this courtyard into 2 parts. 

1. The garden in the center which has a featured tree.

2. The covered walkway around the courtyard. 

To illuminate the featured tree with a large and dense canopy, we suggest;

Lower part – Ground spiked is used to highlight the texture of the trunk. If the canopy is dense, we suggest to place ground spiked spotlights not too close to the trunk to avoid harsh light at the canopy. Wide beam (50-60 Degree) should be used in this case. 

Upper part – Spotlights are placed on top of the corridor roof to reveal form of the tree canopy and texture of the leaves. 

Hanging lights can be a good choice. They will not only provide the ambient light to the tree and shrub below but also create a visual interest to the people in the corridor. 

The covered walkway around the courtyard

In this case, we do not highlight the columns to allow the people focus mainly on the tree in the center. At the floor level, we use niche lighting to ensure safety at floor level. To emphasize on the height and expose the structure detail, LED modules are incorporated into the ceiling structure (please see detail next image).