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How to position adjustable downlight for the artwork.

1.We need to know the ceiling height and size of the artwork.

2.Do a 30 degree angle from the ceiling downlight to the center of the artwork at the eye level. A 30 degree angle is the best angle to illuminate the artwork on a vertical plane because it causes the least amount of glare and does not cause a shadow from the viewer’s head. The angle should not exceed 45 degrees.

3.From the item 2, we will be able to get the distance of the adjustable downlight from the wall.

4.In this case, for example, use medium degrees at 24 degrees.

5.If the artwork is larger, we need more downlights to illuminate the entire artwork. Normally, we should do overlapping the distribution of light as cloud in red in the figure below.

6.From the 5 items above, we will be able to position it in the plan.