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DOWNLIGHT selection

DAZZLE’s Tips to select downlight. 

Recessed downlight is one of the most common ways to illuminate your modern home. 

In residential project, there are 2 types of recessed downlights we commonly use. 

  1. Recessed adjustable downlight
  2. Recessed fixed downlight 
  • Adjustable downlight has the ability to be adjusted or tilted. It is often used to illuminate a specific area or to highlight a feature, sculpture, artwork on wall.
  • Fixed downlight cannot be adjusted. It point directly downward. The primary purpose is for general lighting on the floor. 

Sample of the recessed adjustable downlight – “MODULEX” 

Sample of the recessed fixed downlight – “ENDO”

Our criteria for downlight selection 

  • The frame / trim color of the recessed downlight needs to match with ceiling color. Trimless also can be an option. 
  • Diameter of the recessed downlight in normal ceiling height (2.50-3.80 meter) in residential project should not more than 10 cm. 
  • Beam angle, if we like to accentuate the object, narrow beam (10-15 degree) should be used. If we like to create the general light with soft diffuse lighting, wider beam (4-50 degree) should be used. 
  • The reflector of the downlight should be chrome or mirror finish for glare control. 
  • We normally use LED 12-15 Watt to accommodate the ceiling height 2.40-3.80 meter. 
  • The color temperature for residence should be warm, 2700-3000 K. 
  • Light bulb should be recessed deep inside the light fixture to reduce glare. 
  • Lamp Efficacy (Lumen per Watt) & Lamp Life