Lighting idea for swimming pool

Three simple components of pool light 1. Lighting to enhance the overflow edge wall. 2. Lighting for pool area. 3. Lighting for pool steps.  1. To highlight the overflow edge wall, we use small spotlights mounted in the gutter – WIBRE ( 2. As for pool light, we do indirect lighting with LED linear light […]

Infinity Lighting effect

1. Clear tempered glass with reflective film at the back.  2. LED linear light mounted on the black painted wall. 3. Mirror with backing. 

Bar Lighting

How to light The Dining Table in the Glasshouse. 

 Floating Headboard with Lighting

Night Light under the Bed

Standing Lamp designed by DAZZLE Lighting Design

Bottles Island Lighting Detail

ceiling uplight detail

Wall lighting Details

Hedge Wall Lighting Effect 

Art of Refraction of Light

Visual Perception VS Corrugated Glass

Make Up Mirror Lighting Detail

Wall Backlight Detail 

One of the best ways to highlight the patterned screen is backlighting The pattern will be seen in silhouette. 

Walk-in Closet Lighting Detail

Lighting Idea to illuminate Display Shelf

Vanity Mirror Lights

Mirror light can reduce shadow and reveal the face detail when using the vanity mirror. 

Lighting detail for the display cabinet

Dichroic Glass Filter & LIGHT

Reflection & Refraction of LIGHT

Wall light in the garden designed by DAZZLE Lighting Design

Decorative lights in the garden can expose the plant detail better than using the ground spiked spotlight. They also create a sense of intimacy during the night.